My hero, Deresiewicz, returns: What is college (and an education) for?

I hope I’m not interrupting our train of thought here. (As you can imagine, I certainly do still want to know What You Want!) But, just for a brief moment, this essay takes us back to conversations you and I had a couple of years ago, when you were starting college — some of which I revisited a bit in my first post to you here.

You’re pretty tied in to the meme of the day, so maybe you’ve already seen this. But if you haven’t, you need to. It’s my hero, William Deresiewicz, on what you or anyone else might be getting an education for.

You know, Deresiewicz… that guy who wrote that great book on what Jane Austen taught him about life? (Which I’m surprised to see he creatively packaged in bite-size form for your friends at the Huffington Post…)

I’ve been encouraging you to read his stuff for a long time. Like this and this.

Oh, and in the interests of fairness, here’s a snippy dissenting view (that IMHO says more about its author than about Deresiewicz, but your mileage may vary…)






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