2 signs of the times

OK, I know spelling mistakes are not evidence of moral turpitude, nor even proof of incompetence.

And I realize (unhappily, I admit) that the very idea of accurate spelling is a recent cultural innovation which may not survive much longer.

But still, if you’re running to be elected — no, re-elected — to the Allendale Board of Education, shouldn’t you be able to spell Allendale?

LG 10-25-15 003

Personally, I prefer this other yard sign. Seen this morning in Glen Rock, not even 12 hours after the end of World Series Game 3:

LG 10-25-15 005

Update: It only took 48 hours, but all those misspelled signs in Allendale have been corrected. Happy ending!


Not so for our Mets… 😦


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