That’s America to me. Still. I hope. Please.

I was in the dentist’s chair this morning with the TV on in the background. I couldn’t hear much of what was going on, but the updates from San Bernardino sounded horrible. And I could hear the conversation going on around me, all about how these people might have been caught if not for political correctness, if only we were free to profile the kind of people who do this stuff.

They filled my cavity, but they left a bigger hole elsewhere. It was deeply depressing, saddening, disheartening about the future of my country.

Biking home, musing on all this, I decided to do what people do when they’re really down: have lunch. There’s a great bagel shop in North Haledon, so I stopped there. And saw this (forgive my sloppy panorama work):

panorama 2.png

Christmas stockings at left: Abdul, Laura, Walid, Mulki, Omar, and Danielle. Knish poster (“Orchard & Grand, a NYC Delicacy.”) And Santa Claus.

Thank you, Abdul, Laura, Walid, Mulki, Omar, and Danielle, for making me feel just a little better about my country.

I don’t know how much of it is left, but That’s America to Me.*


*Have you ever seen the famous Frank Sinatra short movie from 1945, The House I Live In”? You should. If you’re short on time, start about 2:30 in.


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