“No. I won.”

Cross-posted from Facebook. Here, I usually speak with you directly, so let me say: I admire what you’ve learned about right and wrong, and the ethics with which you choose to live your life. 


Asked by The Wall Street Journal if he had gone too far during the heated 2016 cycle, Trump offered a blunt response.

‘No. I won,’ he said.

Remember all Trump said during this campaign.

Remember how he claimed black people were cheering on cop killers — with absolutely no evidence.

Remember how he said a judge couldn’t judge fairly because his parents came from Mexico.

Remember how he told his supporters he’d pay their legal expenses if they beat up protesters.

Remember it all.

If you are honest with yourself, if you hold him to the same standards you would hold anyone else in your life, you know exactly what he is saying: “There is no morality except what helps me win.”

My son will soon turn 23. I have probably taught him most of what I’ll ever be able to teach him about right and wrong. But if I were still raising a young child, or guiding a grandchild, or if I were a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader, or a teacher or principal, or the leader of a religious congregation, my blood would run cold.

This is no longer about Hillary Clinton. Even though she won hundreds of thousands more votes than Trump, she respected the rules of the game, offered a dignified concession speech, and is leaving the stage. (Can you imagine Trump having done the same?)

No, it’s not about her anymore. From now on it’s about the rest of us. Me and you and everyone else.

If you’re out there cheering on Trump because of the tax cut you’re going to get, or the Mexicans he’s going to deport, or the job he’ll allegedly bring back from China, or whatever else, it’s as if you are sitting next to Trump in that interview.

It’s as if they asked you: Do you regret any of what Trump has said or done in your name, and you said: “No. We won.”


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